Eder is an amazing professional and team leader. People that know and have worked with him arrive to the conclusion that he’s a great and valuable asset. Nothing but positive comments for this guy whose creativity and dedication have helped him build a strong, consolidated career

marceloMarcelo Tribuj

CEO & Co-Founder at Truelogic Software Solutions
Web and Mobile Software Development

Eder is a great guy to work with. He's extremely professional, proactive, and forward thinking. Eder has a great way about him that makes you interested in doing business with him. Eder is a true asset to his company and I highly recommend him both personally and professionally.
evanEvan Weber

CEO, Hoopla Doopla, Inc. Marketing and Advertising

It was a pleasure working with Eder at Integrate. He brought great leadership to the company and always had a wonderful attitude no matter what the circumstances were.

jeremyJeremy Bloom

CEO, Integrate

I began working with Eder in 2002. His then-company provided a unique online lead-generation platform which proved to be quite successful in generating new panel members for my company. I was very pleased with the results of the platform and thrilled to work with Eder who truly understood the online marketing business as well as the unique needs of market research. I soon learned that the platform was actually one devised and then developed by Eder. I continued to work with Eder as he moved on to greater successes at other companies. He is honest, understanding, concientious, and always understands (and anticipates) his clients' needs. Working with him is wonderful, he makes new campaign lauches a breeze, and he comes to the table with new ideas and opportunities all of the time.
I would be thrilled to collaborate with Eder again and hope that we will soon have a chance to do so.
Priscilla Fiskpriscilla

SVP, Ipsos Interactive Services

Eder is an amazing professional with an impeccable track record. He is focused and committed to a fault and strives for perfection every time! His desire to succeed is energizing!
emilioEmilio Mahomar

President, CEO Resilient Media