Most Publishers Are Lousy at Audience Development. Here’s Why.

Most Publishers Are Lousy at Audience Development.
Here’s Why.. As media companies, we pride ourselves on building long-term content relationships with our readers.
Because most media companies are actually lousy at audience development.
Our first mistake is that we don’t realize that the number one job of our website is audience development, not content delivery or monetization.
Now we have an actual relationship that we can use over and over again to drive repeat traffic as well as reader and advertiser-side revenue.
We give the reader some content and try to monetize that page view, but we often aren’t effective at then guiding the reader to the ONE thing that we want them to do next.
Finally, media companies must clearly realize that our sites have three very distinct types of content.
Open Content – This is content that anyone can see without registering or paying.
Lead magnets are the secret to effectively turning anonymous web traffic into email names … and it’s your email database that drives revenue.
But as media companies, we’ve often relegated audience development to an afterthought compared to content and monetization.