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5 Principles That Will Change Your Life

Would you like to achieve all your goals, become successful, and reach your full potential–either in your current career, a new business venture or simply in your personal life?  Do you think about all the changes you need to make in your life and wish for change but aren’t sure how to get started?

It is possible to reach your goals and attain the success you’ve always wanted and the steps probably aren’t as overwhelming or intimidating as you imagine they might be.

Street Smarts contains a series of proven principles and insights I’ve gathered through the years I spent living in the streets. These principles helped me go from being homeless to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the digital industry. The good news is, no matter at what point you’re at in your own life, you can also make the positive changes you need to become successful. In Street Smarts, I layout simple principles and insightful ideas and show you how to apply them in your daily life in order to reach your goals. This book is a simple step-by-step guide with exercises that will encourage you to take action and apply these philosophies to your daily life. By adhering to the following advice, you will be able to accelerate your results, analyze what you are currently doing to see what’s working and what’s not, and make the necessary changes to live a happier and better quality of life.

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From Living On The Streets of Medellin, Colombia To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur in New York

Today, Eder is a successful New York entrepreneur in the online media industry and CEO of a digital marketing company. However, as a kid in the mid-’80s, he fled a frightening home life and wound up living for years on the streets of Medellin, Colombia. It was a dicey existence, in what was described during this era as the 'most dangerous place on earth'. where international drug lords like Pablo Escobar ruled, where you could be shot for looking at the wrong guy the wrong way.

Dreaming of Hope Street is the story of how he went from living in the streets to become a successful entrepreneur. The book is in the classic Coming-of-Age tradition and proves that, though life can be ugly and brutal, even the most disadvantaged can overcome the odds and find happiness, their own Hope Street. The narrative steps along and rings with authenticity; it’s often sad, shocking, but ultimately uplifting and motivational.

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De Vivir en las calles de Medellin, Colombia a convertirse en un empresario exitoso New York

Camino Hacia la Esperanza es una historia conmovedora en la que el autor se relata de como pasó de vivir en las calles de Medellin durante la época de los carteles a a convertirse en un empresario exitoso. El libro aporta una lección para todos y demuestra que, aunque la vida pueda ser cruel y brutal, incluso los más desfavorecidos pueden superar las probabilidades y encontrar la felicidad: Su propia Camino Hacia la Esperanza. La narración que capta la atención y resuena con autenticidad; a menudo es triste, chocante, pero al final edificante y motivador.