Use Social Media to Learn What Your Customers Are Already Talking About

Facebook and Twitter? For most companies, those two social media platforms are pretty standard. They’re easy to use, easy to analyze and help you reach what’s probably a large swath of your companies. In fact, if you’re like many companies you’ve been on those platforms for years.

But what else? What are you ignoring, and at what costs to your company? Turns out, crucial members of your audience might be on Twitter. They might be on new social media platforms. They might be taking internet-based actions—however small, but critical—that you aren’t even thinking about. And in doing so, you’re cutting yourself off from listening to your customers. Even if you don’t post on those platforms, listening in on those platforms can be important and lend depth and understanding to your customer knowledge.

So what can you do to improve your listening, and why does it matter? This graphic explains the ins and outs.

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Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening?

Via Salesforce