Free Conversion Optimization Framework for Conversion Uplift. A“Do-It-Yourself website audit”

StrategyAs a Digital Marketing Expert and Digital Entrepreneur, I became interested in Conversion rate optimization after the collapse of the dot-com bubble. As new companies learned from mistakes made by others in the early 2000's, companies began to embrace website analysis tools and an awareness of website usability rose rapidly. This prompted new companies to hire experts to improve performance, and pushed internet marketers to become more measurable with their marketing tactics and focus on improving the website’s user experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization shares many of its basic principles with Direct Response Marketing — an approach to marketing that emphasizes tracking, testing and on-going improvement. it has certainly become crucial to every companies’ overall digital marketing strategy.

Conversion rate optimization provides a significant opportunity for businesses of any size. It takes a scientific approach to optimizing websites and enables businesses to convert more visitors into subscribers or paying customers. As a contributor to this document, I was excited to partner with to create this guide to help business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations learn how to get started and how to get the best possible results with their testing program.

This framework is a very comprehensive guide that will walk you through the basics of CRO — from why it matters in the first place to how you can go about building your own testing and optimization plan. You’ll find information that will help you improve the performance of your website, including: optimizing your landing pages and user experience, as well as the tools you’ll need to be successful.

This is a guide to help you map your way through the common CRO pitfalls and misconceptions by starting from the ground up — making insight-driven changes and then testing them for efficacy every step of the way.

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