Take Control of Your Life

Change is about the only consistent part of life. Most often than not we are looking for ways to change something that doesn't seem to be working in our lives. Here are some suggestions that will help you take control of your life that you will not find on a fortune cookie.

You are a product of your environment: We all are a product of beliefs, values and ideas from our parents, teachers, friends and other social influences. Make a decision to become a product of your own design. Define your values, ideals, goals and make a decision about the kind of life and future you want to live, otherwise you will never be you.

Learn from the past, then put it behind you: Challenges, temporary failures and past experiences are great ways to learn. Once you have learned from these experiences, take with you the essence of their lessons and leave them behind you. Don't carry with you the fears, guilt or other negative baggage from the past.

Create value and become an asset to those around you: Find ways to help others and serve those who need your help.The greater the success you desire, the more of an asset you must be to as many people as possible.

Never ever stop learning: Your real education begins after school, not in school. Most of life's greatest lessons come from your own personal struggles. Life has a way of teaching you through obstacles and challenges. Never stop learning.

Money does not equal success: Money is just a tool that gives you freedom and flexibility and is usually a byproduct of creating value for others, use it wisely but don't confuse it with success. It is up to you to create your own definition of success.

Take time to reflect where you are: Become aware of where you are in life, take inventory of where you want to go and make a plan on how to get there. Do this consistenly and you will master the art of creating your own future.

Cultivate the art of flexibility: Become flexible in your approach to life. Sometimes it is important to try new things and do things you have never done before without deviating from your ultimate destination.

And most imporantly, NEVER Give up on your dreams.