5 Tips for Digital Marketers

Digital Marketing is quickly evolving into a more integrated part of all your communications plan. The lines between traditional PR, Advertising and Social Media marketing are very thin and now companies are taking a more proactive approach to have one unified message across all channels. Here are five tips that will help you improve your overall digital marketing plan.

• Customer Service Is Marketing.  With more and more businesses using Twitter and social or digital media as a customer service portal, it becomes more important than ever to have great customer service. Our customer service is out there for everybody to see, so you better make it great, Addressing any potential issues publicly, quickly and effectively is a phenomenal marketing tool for your business and it shows your customer that you really care about their opinion and are quick to solve any problems.

• Know and understand your audience. Successful marketing is about presenting the right message, to the right audience, using the right advertising vehicle. Digital marketing works best when the message is targeted and it speaks to the right audience. Understanding where your audience is active and what their pain points are will help you reach them effectively. E-mail marketing for example, may be a great vehicle to reach affluent consumers that are interested in complex financial products but it may not be the best vehicle to reach teens that spent most of their time interactive via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

• Retention Marketing. Don’t forget to market to your existing customers, and to keep them happy. Digital marketers tend to worry more about developing new customers, and not enough about satisfying those they already have. A happy customer will get you more new customers, for costs you have already invested, word of mouth is still a very effective marketing strategy.

• It’s Not What You Know. Digital marketing that partners a brand with an expert or a celebrity can make a campaign go viral. Reaching out to influencers or subject matter experts and finding creative ways to partner can create mutually beneficial relationships and allow a business to reach outside of their current market. With the rise of social media, influencers in different channels can be a really effective marketing strategy to reach your niche market.

• Focus On Your Brand. No matter what you do, no matter how you do it, your digital marketing always need to focus on your brand and stay consistent with your branding and business values. Creating and perpetuating a brand that customers like and remember requires consistency and perseverance.  Keep moving forward, and remember that the tortoise may be slow, but he is consistent and usually wins the race in the end.